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I can create content scripts for the purpose of production
0 (0)
fixed Rate 3,000 Ksh
I will write you Copy and Content that sells!
0 (0)
fixed Rate 10,000 Ksh
I will write a professional Press Release for your event......
0 (0)
Starting at 5,000 Ksh
I will design Professional Modern Logo within 2 days!
0 (0)
Starting at 3,000 Ksh
I will produce a sound racks for you at affordable price
0 (1)
hourly Rate 1,000 Ksh
I will develop for you a brilliant website a low cost
0 (0)
Starting at 5,000 Ksh
I will design for your company a brilliant brand guide manual
0 (0)
Starting at 10,000 Ksh
I will design a modern logo and deliver in time.
0 (0)
fixed Rate 3,000 Ksh
I will design for you a professional logo in 1 day.
0 (0)
Starting at 6,000 Ksh
I will design your your promo items & merchandise
0 (0)
Starting at 1,500 Ksh

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